Tana draws on a rich heritage, vast experience and extensive network

Founding Shareholders

Tana Africa Capital was established in 2011 as a joint venture between the Oppenheimer Family and Temasek Holdings.

Throughout its history, Tana has invested in a portfolio spanning the agribusiness, FMCG, retail and education sectors with operations in more than 20 countries across North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tana is managed by a team of 12 individuals, from offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Our team encapsulates the cultural diversity of Africa and covers all major languages spoken. Acting as one unit, the team brings together their collective experience, networks and resources to meet the needs of our portfolio companies.

In forming Tana, our two shareholders were galvanized by their passion for Africa and by their common vision of creating value on the continent through capital and hands-on business building.

Geographic presence

Tana is headquartered in Mauritius and
has offices in both South Africa and Côte d‘Ivoire.


Tana Africa Capital